zwischen kulturen


People want boundaries. Between territories, cultures, religions, concepts, ideas, things, themselves. Boundaries may prove a sensible way of grasping the complexity of life. However, often they are used just to oversimplify our conception of the world. When boundaries become ditches, fences, or other means of dividing the world, to reduce it to a question of either or, here or there, us or them, mine or yours, they rapidly become a matter of restriction rather than evolvement and understanding.

So where am I in this? In between. I am living and working in two countries, Germany and Denmark, and crossing the border between them regularly. I was born and grew up very close to that border, learned the languages spoken on either side of it, learned to be a part of both societies.

So what I am trying is to integrate what others would prefer to keep apart: Territories, cultures, religions, concepts, ideas, things, people. Observing their keeping apart makes me wonder. This is what I call inter·ferens.

Joerg Asmussen